Exotic Level
Reputation Level 7
Reputation Points
Pilot and Passenger
Vehicle Type
Motor Yacht
Appears in Traffic?

The Yacht is a motor yacht and an Exotic in Scarface:The World Is Yours.


The Yacht is a huge and expensive boat in the game. Tony pilots the boat in the open top part rather than inside. Despite its luxurious design, the interior is not accessible nor can it be seen from the exterior, the boat also has a small escape life-boat in the top, however, it acts as pure cosmetic design, and cannot be functioned in anyway. 

A corrupt lawyer owns a Yacht and tries to escape on it, during the mission Swansong Hotel, however, Tony destroys it.


The Yacht, despite being very large and heavy, is considerably agile, it's even faster than the Sports Fishing Boat, the handling is also more nimble than the vehicle type suggests, the boat is also very durable, it's a good choice to cruise around Miami, however, be careful, even though this boat is durable, many pirate boats will attempt to destroy the boat.


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