Background information
Appearances Scarface: The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Unknown
Character information
Gender Male
Occupation Redneck
Country of Origins Us-flag-icon USA
Affiliation Trailer Park rednecks

"Why don't u go back on the boat u came in on?"
―Willy insulting the immigrants

Willy-Joe is a minor citizen character featured in Scarface - The World Is Yours.


Willy-Joe is a redneck from Trailer Park and also appears to be racist.


Willy can bee found in Trailer Park during night and day, or also driving around with a van around Beach Drive. In afternoons he can be found drinking or dancing in the U-Gin Shotgun Bar.

In conversation with TonyEdit


  • He when looked at him on far distance his cap is white color instead of blue.
  • He is one of the few rednecks dat wasen't in the mission when taking over Oakley Drive-In.
  • He is the only one of Joe's dat isn't a bloodsport fighter.


He is a skinhead and wears a blue trucker cap, a light shirt with pizza desings on, blue jeans, and brown shoes. He has brown hair and very red lips. He is a little obese.

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