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The Volskwagen Cabriolet is a civilian convertible in Scarface:The World Is Yours

Volkswagen Cabriolet


2 (Driver and Passenger)
Vehicle Type
Compact Convertible
Appears in Traffic?


As the name says, it's a compact convertible car based on the Volkswagen Golf MK1 Convertible, the car commonly spawns in Downtown, South Beach and North Beach, the car features either a yellow, white or red paintjob, it's one of the smallest cars in the game.It doesn`t appear in The Islands.


The car has a average acceleration and poor top speed, it's not fast at all, but it makes up for its handling and nimbleness, due to its light weight and its 4-cylinder engine, it's not durable too, but it's not that fragile, its durability is similar to that of the Delphine.

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