Background information
Appearances Scarface: The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Cree Summer
Character information
Status Alive
Gender Female
Occupation Bar owner
Country of Origins
Affiliation Montana Cartel, Tony Montana

Venus was the owner and bartender of the Venus Bar. It's known that Venus used to be The Sandman's girlfriend though they broke up.

After Venus tells Tony Montana about Nacho Contreras of raping women and dumping their bodies into the ocean, she gives him entrance into Contreras's illegal floating casino, though Contreras senses Tony and send his men after him. After Tony takes over Nacho's tanker carrying cuban immigrans inside box containers, as well as loads of cocaine, she notfies Tony about a chop shop Nacho owns in the Industrial Zone. After Tony kills all of his enemies,Tony marries Venus.


  • The name "Venus" is the roman name of the godess of love and beauty. It is also shared with the name of the 2nd planet from the Sun, Venus.