"Can't you stop saying 'fuck' all the time?"
―Mission description
 Un-Load is the 26th storyline mission in Scarface - The World Is Yours, it is unlocked as soon as South Beach turf is completed.


Tony reaches the former Nacho's Tanker, where Maribel and the other immigrants are working on moving drugs, Tony says that they need a Trucks to move it to another place, but the place nearby is full of goons, Tony then have to kill everyone in order to get the trucks, after killing them, a driver will arrive with a Honda Accord, he will then get the first truck, Tony kills more goons and prepare the second truck, the driver gets the second truck, the third and final truck is at the chop shop, just some yards away from the dock, Tony kills the rest of the goons and later kills Colosis, after killing him, Tony talks to a mechanic that used to work for Nacho, he accepts to work for Tony.


  • Reputation: +314,442
  • Balls: +2,407
  • Drugs: +10


Mission 26 - Un-Load08:51

Mission 26 - Un-Load

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