"This is paradise, I'm tellin' ya"
―Mission description
 Tranquilandia is a gang territory in Scarface - The World Is Yours, it sets the 35th storyline mission in the game.


Tony can't get in Tranquilandia before the namesake mission is available, as there is a infinite amount of goons using SAWs in there, the mission starts with Tony killing the first set of enemies in the beach, he picks ammunation and starts rescuing hostages, but unfortunately, the first hostage is dead, Tony then proceeds, the island has a burning corpse and a hung bleeding corpse as "decorations", Tony star picking up drug packages, there are 10 in the island, the second camp has a hostage, Tony frees him, the second camp has no bridge, therefore Tony takes a Boat in order to proceed, Tony kills the last goons, takes the last three packages, rescue the last hostage and flees the place and goes back to Sandman's plantation. After the completition of this mission, the Tranquilandia will never have enemies again and it will be free to be explored.


  • Reputation: +1,021,616
  • Balls: +3,088
  • Drugs: +711


  • Tranquilandia is a pun on "calm place", ironically, before the mission is done, it is almost impossible to get there due to the infinite amount of goons.
  • Oddly, Tony can still be eaten by a Shark if swimming inside the tranquilandia.
  • Yacht will get stuck on the first bridge due to its size.


Mission 35 - Tranquilandia11:27

Mission 35 - Tranquilandia

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