Trailer Park Rednecks
Gang, inbreeds

The Trailer Park Rednecks are a band of southerners who live in Miami's Trailer Park neighbourhood. They are presumably led by Billy-Joe, the bossiest and most appearing member.


The Trailer Park Rednecks appear to be led by Billy-Joe, and second-in-commands are probably Jimmy-Joe and Willy-Joe. They reside in the Trailer Park district of Miami, where many of these poor southerners reside in their trailers, alongside Gomez Cartel. It is unknown if the rednecks are by any chance allied with Gomez cartel, are at truce, or are just scared of them to death, due to the fact that Gomez cartel wields chainsaws while the rednecks have nothing. It is unknown how they can stand Gomez cartel at all, as they are all Mexican (more or less) immigrants who took their territory as their own, or might have resided there long before the rednecks arrived. The rednecks also appear to not be at all racist nor discriminating, as both, El Ocho and Jeffica Harkley can be seen to be a part of it, despite the former being a Mexican and the latter a transgender. And also Atticus, whom is an African-American.

Known membersEdit

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