Background information
Appearances Scarface: The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Cesar Garcia
Character information
Gender Male
Occupation Driver, henchman, bodyguard
Country of Origins
Mexican flag
Affiliation Montana Cartel, Tony Montana

"Damn Tony, I'm glad I'm not your enemy."
―Tino to Tony

Tino is a minor character featured in the video game Scarface - The World Is Yours and is one of Tony Montana's henchmen.


Tino is Tony's henchman and is probably the most known henchman, he is the first one we meet in the game, after Tony purchases the Driver Exotics and Tino brings him the car. He is also one of the many henchmen that helped Tony take over the Storehouses and Miami.


Tino usally brings the vihicle to Tony in Miami, but some times also on the Islands. He can be dismissed like other henchmans, and Tony can also talk to him. He shows respect to Tony, but can sometimes even be tired of Tony always being mad and will also tell him to calm down.


"Ok, ok, just don't bite my fucking head off!"-Tino to Tony if he is pissed

"Right, I'll be sure to write that one down."-Tino

"Taste it, motherfucker taste it!"-Tino when batteling other gangs

"Goddamn loca pinga!"-Tino taunting enemies

"Tony ur really pissed, aren't you?"-Tino

"Loca pinga, you're lucky you missed me."-Tino if Tony bumps into another car

"Ha! Come see my cojones, asshole!"-Tino taunting enemies

"Woah! That shit ain't funny, man."-Tino if Tony rams the car

"If you leave nicley,... we may think of not shooting your balls off, ok?"-Tino


  • Tino's weapons of choice are usally MAC-10 or AK-47.
  • He appears in the Mansion Shootout at the begining protecting Tony's office with sub-machine gun, but is killed by Sosa's army. He seems to be like Chi-Chi and will protect Tony when he tries to run too his car, however he is killed by the Bazooka Troop.


Tino wears orange glasses, brown hair, has black T-shirt, pink or gray shirt, and black pants. He is skinny.

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