Three Months Later is the second mission in Scarface - The World Is Yours, it starts as soon as the mission Mansion Shootout is completed.


Tony escapes from his own Mansion after a huge shootout that almost destroyed the mansion completely, he is seen in a rudimentary house on the Trailer Park, depressed, feeling sorry for Manny, saying that he was a idiot for not listening to Manny and even himself, that he fucked up everything for not listening to anyone, then he start planning a war against Sosa and everyone who works with him, three months later, he takes his Cadillac and says he needs to talk to sheffield, he then drives to Sheffield's office, but he isn't present, his associate tells Tony to go over the Babylon Club, where he is currently waiting for Tony to talk with him as well, he drives to the Babylon and finds Sheffield's bodyguard, who is surprised to see that Tony is alive, Tony asks where Sheffield is, the bodyguard says that he is inside, Tony comes in and talks to Sheffield, he says that he wants Sosa dead, Sheffield asks if he is crazy and what is wrong with him, Tony says he wants a war, after talking to Sheffield, two of Sheffield's employers talks to Tony, they say that the Masion is locked up and they're watching Tony and everything he does, Tony says "fuck off" to them, Tony need to pay $10,000 to Vice in order to get his mansion back, he goes to the Marina and talks to Felix, Felix says that everyone is trying to take Tony's empire, that this is a war, Tony then employs Felix to take over the town again, Felix completely agrees to work with him, saying that anything Tony needs, he can just talk to him, Tony then goes away from the marina and talks to Coco, she says that supply is very high in Miami and her "shit" is been controlled by Gaspar Gomez and he keeps the prices too high, Tony explains that he knows the town better than everyone, he gets his "shit" and she get her, she then accepts the deal, Tony goes to practice the deal with a dealer just in the back of the shop, after dealing with the first dealer, Tony goes to another dealer and sells all his coke for $10,000, Tony heads back to his mansion, just to find Vice in a Shag Van, Tony asks if they aren't being paid enough and says that Mel Bernstein tried to do this to him and he died for that, Vice will say that Tony did them a favor killing Mel, they then explain that if Tony raises his heat again, they'll take Tony's mansion again, Tony then pays them and gets his mansion back after Vice get away


  • Reputation: +50,000
  • Exotics: +2
  • Balls: +555
  • Drugs: +100
  • Total Cash: +1,000
  • Tony's Mansion Available


Mission 2 - Three Months Later20:37

Mission 2 - Three Months Later

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