"Who put this thing together?"
―Mission description
 The Dock Boss is the 18th storyline mission in Scarface - The World Is Yours, it is unlocked after the competition of the mission Nacho Contreras.


Tony reaches the dock and talks to The Dock Boss, he says he needs help with some goons who are trying to kill him and destroy the docks. The Boss asks if Tony can handle a Machine gun, he says that he is Tony Montana and he can handle any weapon possible. Tony then starts defending the chemical barrels and the Dock Boss from the killers, soon after killing the goons, a Helicopter arrives with more goons to attack Tony and the Boss, after killing them, two Attack Boats arrives and Tony kills the members inside them.


  • Reputation: +52,790
  • Balls: +558


Mission 18 - The Dock Boss03:07

Mission 18 - The Dock Boss

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