Chi Peso Trattoria Owner
Stephen Lee
Background information
Appearances Scarface: The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Unknown
Character information
Gender Male
Occupation Drug Dealer, Restaurant Manager
Country of Origins Us-flag-icon USA
Affiliation Montana Cartel, Tony Montana

Stephen Lee was the owner of Chi Peso Trattoria by the time Tony Montana returns to Miami, three months after his attempted assassination. In one of the conversations with Tony, due to Stephen being unfamiliar with spanish, he mistook "que pasa" with pasta, and "yeyo" with "yo-yos", which angered Tony to the point of making him clean his pool, calling him "Kim Jong". Stephen is Chinese and is kinda fit, and at first doesn't want to work for Montana until Tony helps him defeat a gang of mobsters out for revenge due to Stephen killing their boss, and threatens to kill him himself.

Hypocritically, Stephen says he killed "a mob boss yesterday because he was so fucking fat", yet he himself isn't pretty skinny neither.