Sosa Troop 3
Background information
Appearances Scarface: The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Unknown
Character information
Gender Male
Occupation Gangster, killer
Country of Origins 125px-Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia
Affiliation Sosa's Army

"Hey, I'm Colombian, man."-Sosa Troop when his car is stolen

Sosa Troop 3 is a minor enemy character in game Scarface: The World Is Yours. And it is unknown if he is soppose to resemble any of the Sosa gangsters in the film or not.


Nothing is known of this Sosa Troop's backgrund. Only that he is Colombian, according to his quotes.


He can be seen in the first mission of the game, he spawns many times in different colored clothes and is not seen in any cutscenes at all, it seems. He is seen in the Islands along with other Sosa's troops, however will attack Tony if Tony has too much gang heat. The player can talk to him if he's got little gang heat, he can be found in the burned down house in the middle of second island (the one with Venus bar). He can also be seen as one of Sosa's guards defending him in the mission "Kill Sosa", along with Sheffield Cartel.


"Voy a aplastar como a un insecto!"-Troop when fighting with Tony

"Chingate!"-Troop when shooting at Tony

"Chinga y madre, chinga!"-Troop when attacking Tony

"Muy bueno!"-Troop if Tony shots him

"No me esperaba eso."-Troop if Tony shots him

"Buen tiro!"-Troop if Tony shots him


He has black hair, a little of black beard, is skinny and wears either red or grey shirt with short sleeves and grey or blue jeans and sandals.


  • His weapon a choice is AK-47.
  • He is the only gangster so far in game that only says one word in English and the rest of the time speaks Spanish.
  • He admires Tony Montana's shooting skills alot, even though Tony is his enemy.

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