[[Image:Sosa member 1|300px]]
Sosa Troop
Background information
Appearances Scarface (1983 film), Scarface: The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Cisco Reyes
Character information
Gender Male
Occupation Killer, gangster
Country of Origins
Affiliation Sosa's Army

"Straight to Miami, man. Then party time."-Troop

Sosa Troop is a minor character in the game Scarface: The World Is Yours, and in the movie Scarface (1983 film).


Nothing is known of this man's background, except he seems to be the second in command in Sosa's Cartel.


He can be seen in the first mission of the game, he will kill Tony's henchman after his mansion was burned down, he later appeared again and was eaten by The Tiger he was also shot in head by Swat Sniper. He is seen in The Islands along with other Sosa's troops, however will attack Tony, if he has much gang heat. The player can talk to him if he's got little gang heat, he can be found in the burned down house in the middle of second island (the one with Venus bar). He can also be seen as one of Sosa's guards guarding him in the mission "This Ends Now!", along with Sheffield's boys.


"Vamos, Montana!"-Troop while shooting Tony

"Voy a roer su cráneo"-Troop while chasing Tony

"Aaaaaaaggggggghhhaag"-Troop when el tiger eats him

"You must know, they always take something for themselfs."-Troop saying the police also takes drugs

"That dead DEA guy is still stinkin' up my boat."-Troop after killing DEA guy

"I can get tequila and come back with ten mules."-Troop to Tony

"I'm thinkin' of stealing one of them army choopers."-Troop

"Chinga y tu madre, chinga!"-Troop when attacking Tony


He has brown hair, a wears either purple or yellow shirt with pockets on, and wears blue pants and brown shoes.


  • He attacks Tony with AK-47.
  • If the player kills him in purple shirt, the Tiger will eat him in yellow shirt instead, or in purple if the player kills him in yellow.
  • He shoots Tony in the chest in begining cutscene, however Tony kills him back.
  • He is one of the few mobsters that completly changes voice when attacks and in conversation.
  • He is bossiest member of Sosa's army after Sosa's Guard and the Skull.