Sosa's Mansion is the home of Alejandro Sosa, the main antagonist of both Scarface and Scarface - The World Is Yours,

The mansion is actually located in a mountainous region near the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia,

Sosa invites Tony Montana and Omar Suarez to his mansion for lunch so they can negotiate the purchase of cocaine on behalf of Frank Lopez. Omar is insistent that he is not authorised to purchase any more than 200 kilos, despite Sosa wanting a long term partner who is capable of buying 200 kilos on a monthly basis. Omar insists, that he must speak with Frank. Sosa agrees, and offers him use of his private jet to get back to Miami much quicker. He extends an offer for Tony to stay as he is intrigued by him.

A short time later Sosa reveals that Omar was a known police informant, and he and Tony watch as Omar is hanger from Sosa's chopper over the grounds of the mansion. Tony assures him that he is no rat, and he can straighten things out with Frank. Tony is allowed to leave unharmed, as Sosa believes he and Tony will be able to have a long business relationship.

Tony is later called down to Bolivia on the request of Sosa, where he goes to Sosa's mansion to meet with Sosa and several of his colleagues. In order for them to discuss a budding problem for their business, a journalist named Matos Gutiérrez, who was exposing Sosa and his associates for their involvement in the drug trade. Sosa asked Tony to escort his assassin Alberto to kill him Matos and stop him from exposing them to the UN. Tony agrees, though he later changes his mind when he sees Matos' wife and kids in the car with him. The mansion is seen for the final time in the movie, when Sosa calls Tony to lash out at and insult Tony.

Scarface: The World is Yours Edit

The mansion appears in the final mission, of the game. After Tony has rebuilt his empire, forged new business relationships and eliminated all the competition. Tony heads to Bolivia to kill SheffieldGaspar and Sosa, the mansion is heavily damaged and abandoned after the shootout and it is never seen again, it's inaccessible to the player, as it is located outside Miami and The Islands.


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