The Shag Van is a civilian van and possibly a camper van as well in Scarface:The World Is Yours

Shag Van


2 (Driver and passenger)
Vehicle Type
Civilian Van/Camper Van
Appears in Traffic?


The Shag Van is a based on the Chevy Van 20, it only spawns in brown or green, the van is notable for being owned by Pedro as shown in the mission of Pedro's Pawn Shop, where the van is used to drop three crates without getting the cops' attention, the van is possibly a camper van, as it features a window in the back and a spare tire in the rear doors, but it has nothing inside.


The Shag Van is surprisingly light and it has a impressive top speed, the top speed is even comparable to that of a Caballo El Ray, its handling is also good, the only downside of this van is the brakes, it's good, but not very responsive, the van is fairly durable.


  • The name "Shag Van" is possibly a reference to the Mystery Machine, the main vehicle of the cartoon Scooby-Doo , as well as being a pun on "Chevy Van".

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