Scarface Unmasked PD2
Background information
Payday 2
Portrayed by André Sogliuzzo
Character information
Status Alive
Gender Male
Occupation Heister
Country of Origins Flag of Cuba Cuba
Affiliation The Payday gang

Scarface, also known as Tony, is the nickname of a member of the Payday gang. 


Like most other collab heisters, how he joined the gang is unknown. Canonically, he robbed a jewelry store by himself and attacked Sosa's mansion with the rest of the gang. He lives in the Safehouse with the rest of the heisters, staying in a room that looks much like Tony Montana's mansion. 

FBI Files entry Edit

Very little is known about this character, but he seems to bear an uncanny resemblance to the 1980’s Miami drug lord Tony Montana. Tony Montana was a Cuban petty delinquent who moved to Miami and worked himself up to the top of the criminal food chain, only to be consumed by hubris (and cocaine) and paint himself into a corner caught between the law and the drug cartels. He ended up being assassinated by the Sosa Cartel.


  • Little Friend 7.62
  • Lumber Lite L2

Trivia Edit

  • He is not Tony Montana, as confirmed by Overkill devs on a livestream.
  • Like Tony Montana, he is very adamant about not killing innocents.
    • However, he can still kill innocents in gameplay, but this is not canon.
  • He is the fifth crossover character in the game. 
  • He claims he has a mansion in Miami. 
  • He states that he never had an education through Safehouse lines.