Reginald hippi
Background information
Appearances Scarface: The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Unknown
Character information
Gender Male
Occupation Nuffin, just smoking weed and driving a Hippie Van around from town to town
Country of Origins Holland flag Netherlands
Affiliation Adam, Renée, Fishy Leroy, Maria Fugee, Joe Madge

"I feel like I'm totally numb. But I can still feel everything! Know what I mean, man?"
―Reginald to Tony

Reginald is a minor citizen character featured in Scarface: The World Is Yours.


Not much is known of Reginald's background, except that he appears to be a stoner from Holland and does nothing else but driving around a van and smoking weed all day.


Reginald can be found about anywhere in South Beach, mostly walking all high on the sidewalk. Reginald may also be found driving his Hippie Van around Trailer Park. Reginald can also be spotted running away from danger on the Lobster Cay, mostly due to the Bolivian Cartel shootings all around the village he resides. Reginald along with Maria Fugee, can also be found standing and chatting at the first lighthouse on Lobster Cay, they may both be killed by Bolivian Cartel, crawling around nearby if Antonio Montana stands near them.


"*Lols* That was a good one, man *lols more*."
―Reginald when speaking to Tony
"Ohhh, man, that was DEEP! I respect that shit."
―Reginald to Tony when in a conversation
"Yeah, go on, shoot the toothfairy! I saw it too! Those little bastards are vicious!"
―Reginald when shoot at, is all high obviously
"Damn, is that a gun? Well, good thing bullets can't hurt me."
―Reginald when the player pulls out a gun
"You know what I love, man? Love. Das right; LOVE."
"Oh, man, that's the smell of pure natural living, man."
―Reginald to Tony, when Tony asks about a skunk's smell
"Oh, I can see all the negative energy around you, man. You've gotta learn to relax."
―Reginald to Tony, when Tony asks what he sees around him
"Hey, let's go smoke some shit, man, then you'll see it's all bullshit. ;)"
―Reginald to Tony
"You've gotta go watch some tennis, haha. The shit's are funny, man."
―Reginald to Tony, advising him to go watch some tennis
"Awww, man!"
―Reginald when killed
"Man! That's like poetry! But without the rhyming shit."
―Reginald to Tony


  • Reginald is dressed like an old stoned stereotypical hippi from the 60's.

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