Exotic Level
Reputation Level 6
Reputation Points
Driver and Passenger
Vehicle Type
Classic sports car
Appears in Traffic?

The Rattler is an Exotic car in Scarface:The World Is Yours


The Rattler is heavily based on the Shelby Cobra, it's a convertible car and it has a compact size, it's more expensive than the Ariel MK III and more desirable due to its capacity and better durability.

Jimmy owns a Rattler, Tony chases him, but he later tries to leave in a Helicopter.


The Rattler is very fast and nimble, its top speed and acceleration is on par with the Ariel MK III, it's not quite durable but its durability is much better than the Ariel and the Bacinari, the handling is not better than the Ariel's, but it is still more desirable, because the car seats two, so Tony would have no problem when doing a distribution, this is the second fastest car in the game, and one of best vehicles as well.


  • Rattler is a nickname for a Rattlesnake, further referring to the Shelby Cobra's name.


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