Racing Boat


Exotic Level
Reputation Level 5
Reputation Points
Pilot Only
Vehicle Type
Racing Boat
Appears in Traffic?

The Racing Boat is a racing boat and an Exotic in Scarface:The World Is Yours


The Racing boat is as the name says, a racing boat and it doesn't spawn anywhere unless Tony orders one, the boat essentially has an american racing paintjob with red, blue, white and stars on the body, it features a big spoiler in the back and it has a tiny pilot compartment.


As expected, it is very fast and it has the best handling of all boats, however, its top speed is outpaced by the Picklefork and its acceleration is outpaced by the Jet Boat, the boat also has a very weak bodywork and it will blow up quickly if shot for too long, it's not recommended to buy drugs on The Islands, as many pirate boats will spawn and shoot it, you may not even make it to Miami.


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