The Pumah is a muscle car and an exotic in Scarface:The World Is Yours



Exotic Level
Reputation Level 5
Reputation Points
Driver and Passenger
Vehicle Type
Muscle car
Appears in Traffic?


The Pumah is based on the Oldsmobile 442, it's commonly used by poorer citizens despite being a fast car, and commonly spawns at Little Havana and Downtown, the exotic version is unique, featuring matte black colour, two red and white stripes and a custom spoiler, while the NPC version spawns only in brown, without a spoiler. It doesn't appear in The Islands.

The Pumah prominently appears in various missions, it appears first in the mission Oakley Drive-In as Tony's vehicle of choice against Trailer Park rednecks, the second appearance is in the mission The Diaz Brothers, when Alfonso Diaz tries to escape from Diaz Motors using a Monterery Shark, while Tony takes a parked Pumah in the dealership and chases Alfonso.


Being a muscle car, it has good acceleration, average top speed, good durability and acceptable handling, much comparable to the Tomahawk SSBandit ST and the Lakota Fastback.


  • A green version of the car can be seen parked at Oakley's Drive-In at night.

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