The Porsche 928 (known as Conick N29 in Scarface:The World Is Yours) is Tony's second vehicle in the movie and an exotic car in the game.

Porsche 928


Exotic Level
Reputation Level 3
Reputation Points
2 (driver and passenger)
Vehicle Type
Sports Coupe
Appears in Traffic?


Tony's Porsche is first seen in the Lopez Motors when Tony visits Hector to make a deal. Tony buys this car and makes it his primary vehicle, and he is also seen leaving the Babylon Club at night with this car. The car has an unusual Porsche design, having a front engine instead of a rear one. It has pop-up headlights and is painted silver.


The car handles very well on the road, even better than the Delphine and the Monterery Shark. Handling is superb, although it is still inferior to the Fellini and the Bacinari. Durability is poor, although better than the latter, and it can only crash a few times before blowing up.



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