Ortega Cartel Member 3
Background information
Appearances Scarface - The World is Yours
Portrayed by Unknown
Character information
Gender Male
Occupation Gangster, drugie
Country of Origins Jamaica flag Jamaica
Affiliation Ortega Cartel

"Imagine it; All cocaine of the world and me sitting on top of it, man."
―Ortega Member braging about himslef

The Ortega Cartel Member three is a minor antagonist in the game Scarface - The World is Yours and is one of Ortega's gangsters.


Not much is known about his background, other than he is an Ortega cartel gangster member.


He usally appears in some of the Sandman's leads and is an enemy. He can sometimes after completing a lead, with another gangster will bee the one who will give Tony Montana the reward money, after that the player can talk to him. He mostly just boast's about himself.


"Die little man!"
―Taunting Tony
"Give the Devil my regards!"
―Taunting Tony
"Blam, blam cocksucka!"
―Taunting Tony
"No, man! Sorry."
―Beging for life
"Jeffrey watch out!"
―To an injured member
"Rule number 1: Don't let them see your scared!"
―Member during a gunfight


He has dreadlocks hair, wears either black or green sleeveless t-shirt and black or green bandage on his forehead. He has white or black trousers and sandals, he is skinny.


  • He has a very heavy Rastan accent, like the first member, while others seem to have a Hispanic accent.

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