Ortega Cartel Member
Background information
Appearances Scarface - The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Unknown
Character information
Gender Male
Occupation Gangster
Country of Origins Latin-American flag Latin-American, country unknown
Affiliation Ortega Cartel

"You got that right."
―A Ortega gangster to Tony

Ortega Cartel Member two is a minor enemy character in the game Scarface - The World Is Yours and is one of Ortega's gangsters.


This man is an Ortega cartel gangster.


He appears in some of The Sandman's leads and is an enemy. He can sometimes after completing a lead, with another gangster will bee the one who will give Tony Montana the reward money, after that the player can talk to him. He mostly just agrees on what Tony says, even if it is an insult.


"Boys attack him!"
―Ordering other members to attack Tony.
"Vete a la mierda!"
―During a gunfight.
"Keep shooting, keep shooting!"
―During a gunfight.
"You dead now!?"
―Taunting Tony.
"No, por favor!"
―Begging for mercy.
"Eso es bueno"
―Talking to Tony.
―Taunting Tony.


He wears black shades, has brown hair and white t-shirt, accomponied with brown pants and sandals.


  • He shares the same model as Jeffrey, the only differences are that Jeffrey's shirt is black while his is white and Jeffrey's pants are grey while his are brown.

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