Ortega Cartel
Drug Cartel, deadbeats

The Ortega Cartel is a gang of Latino gangsters and Rastan deadbeats in the game Scarface: The World Is Yours.


They are based in the Islands, with an ex-base located in Black Sands, the Barfly Hotel. Members of the gang can be found in Sandman's leads as enemies and the player can never interact with them in free-roam. Most of them have dreadlocks and also have a Rastan or Spanish accent. Several members also carry a chainsaw, presumably to kill Montana in a more bloody and sadistic way.


  • This along with the Blood Brothers are the only 2 gangs in the game to have only 4 character models.
  • Some members despite being Montana's enemies respect him when talking to one.
  • If they spot Tony during a lead and he is fighting with Sosa's cartel, they will always help Sosa's men instead of Tony, meaning Sosa's army and Ortega are probably allies, or both cartels just hate him so much.

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