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Omar Suarez
Omar Suarez
Background information
Appearances Scarface (film)
Portrayed by F. Murray Abraham
Character information
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Occupation Underboss (formerly)
Fed agent (possibly)
Country of Origins Flag of Cuba Cuba
Affiliation Lopez Cartel
Possibly Feds

Omar Suarez is a fictional character in Brian De Palma's blockbuster Scarface and Frank Lopez's right hand man who is actually a police informant. He was portrayed by F. Murray Abraham.



Omar was born January 18, 1942 in Cuba. He was the underboss for Frank Lopez. His job was to hire people fit for certain tasks and to make deals with major narcotic dealers. His character was that of a weasel who often argued with the title character Tony Montana. Frank trusts Omar and never questions his loyalty.

Rebenga HitEdit

Omar made a deal with Manny Ribera to kill a former Cuban official named Emilio Rebenga who was responsible for the death of Lopez's brother, in return, he will give Manny and the others green cards so they can leave Freedomtown, they succeeded in killing Rebenga during an initial rioting in Freedomtown. Omar later makes his appearance when he recruits Tony while he (Tony) was working as a kitchen assistant in a road-side diner. Tony had already been granted a green card (US resident permit). This was in exchange when on the order of Frank Lopez, Tony assassinated a former Castro govt minister (Emilio Rebenga) who had been exiled while they were both in an immigration camp (Freedomtown) after having fled Cuba. Omar offers Tony and his assistant a job to unload marijuana from a boat, but Tony questions Omar on why the pay is below the normal rate. Omar tells him he has to work his way up, and when Tony reminds him of the assassination he had already committed for Frank Lopez, Omar gets angry and an argument breaks out between them. Omar's assistant named Waldo Rojas said "Colombians. Omar explains the details of this job to Tony, and it seems that tempers have cooled and they have found common ground even when Omar sarcastically reminds Tony to not lose the "buy money" or his "boss will stick their heads up their ass faster than a rabbit gets fucked"! It seems later that Omar wasn't telling Tony everything, and he was in fact sending Tony and his crew on a suicide mission.It is unknown if it was a setup by Omar, but at that time you can sense that Omar never expected Tony to survive the deal.


Deal With SosaEdit

Frank ordered Tony and Omar to have a meeting with Bolivian Drug Lord Alejandro Sosa, The tension between Tony and Omar peaks when Tony tries to negotiate unauthorized terms with Sosa. Omar leaves, but Sosa asks Tony to stay. As Tony and Sosa discuss business, Sosa discloses to Tony that Omar is a chivato (police informant), who years before whistled out on some of Sosa's business partners. Tony then witnesses Sosa's henchmen hang Omar from a helicopter. Tony began to impress Sosa and told him that he is prepared to do business with him as he had no loyalty to Omar, and further more he will go back to his boss Frank Lopez to try to "smooth things over". Tony impresses Sosa with his "Frankness", and they agree to keep negotiations open between Lopez and Sosa. When Tony gets back to Florida, he meets his boss to discuss what had transpired in Bolivia. Frank is visibly upset when Tony tells him what had happened to Omar, and Frank is also not convinced that Omar was in fact an informer. Frank goes on to abuse Sosa and accuse Tony of having played an active part in Omar's death. It is this that ignites their feud between them which ultimately ends up with Tony killing Frank and becoming one of the biggest drug importers & distributors in Florida.

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