Montana at Bannana Cigara

Montana at Cigara Cabana.

The Montana Cartel is a Cocaine based cartel runed by Tony Montana and best friend Manny(deceased). After killing Frank Lopez, Tony takes over the Lopez Cartel and renames it the Montana Cartel.

Businesses in the movie

Drug Cartel and Storehouses

Montana Management Co

Montana Travel Co

Businesses in the game

Pedro's Pawn Shop

Cabana Cigar

Oakley Drive-In

O'Grady Liquor Store

Fidel's Records & Tapes

U-Gin Shotgun Bar

Babylon Club

Angel Dust Donut's

Whippet Gambling

Swansong Hotel

The Sun Ray Hotel

Chi Peso Trattoria

Peninsula Lounge

Stein Jewlery

Coco's Lounge & Disco

Macau Fast Food

Storehouses Shoreline Leopard Marina and Havana Storehouses


Dino- A henchman with pink shirt, orange shades, and brown hair. Tony will call him when he needs a car.

Tony: Dino? Dino? Dino! Why the fuck did I hire you for man? Look sand my car to me quicly as you can.

Carlos- An African-American henchman with yellow shirt and big straight up hair. Tony will call him when he needs a car.

Tony: Carlos? Why you answering the phone for man? You're sopose to be cleanin' the pool! Look sand my car as quicly as you can oaky?

A Spanish henchman- A henchman with Spanish accent he may somethimes during fights shout out "Puto" or "Take that Cabron"! Tony will call him for car, but only when doing Sandman or Felix's leads.

Tino-  Normal American henchman who mostly calls Tony "boss" or "jefe" he will come when Tony will call him for car. (Note: He will only appear in America aka "Miami")

Tony: Tino. What? Did Elvie call? She called me? No? Look if she calls tell her, that-that I love her ok? Now send my car to me.

Nick- (Possibly they get that name from the movie) A skinny henchman or higer rank who is bald and has a strong Cuban accent. He is possibly Tony's second in command or bodyguard 'couse he will only appear in the Miami Disturbition missions.

Tony: Nick. Its Tony bring my car right now to me man.