Micro SMG


Rate of fire
Reload speed
Ammo capacity
Upgrades available
Ammo price per clip
"This common sub-machine gun is great at close range but jumps around a bit"

The Micro SMG is a weapon available in Scarface: The World Is Yours it is unlocked at the first reputation level up and Tony can take it from his weapon locker as soon as he accesses it, it is also a common sight in the hands of gang members early in the game. Arms dealers will sell it for $600, ammo for $150 each clip and it can be moddified with a double clip, a stock and a surpressor. It is modeled after the real life Micro Uzi.


  • Clip capacity from 25 to 35: $30,000
  • Attaches a Stock: $40,000
  • Silencer: $50,000

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