Meet The Sandman is the 16th storyline mission of Scarface - The World Is Yours, it starts after Tony takes over Downtown, he will receive a call from The Sandman to get over The Islands.


Tony leaves Miami to talk to Sandman, who called him when he was in Miami, Sandman tells Tony that Sosa is a problem for him as well, they then agrees to work together, Tony eventually asks where he can get some drink, Sandman tells Tony that he should go to Venus, Tony goes to her bar and asks her a drink, she explains to Tony that she knows everything that happens in the islands, Tony likes it and gives his cell phone number, Venus, despite getting Tony's number, says if Tony can do her a favor, to take care of a "fat fuck with no neck" who likes to beat women, Tony says the she don't need to worry about him, that he'll take care of Nacho.


Mission 16 - Meet The Sandman03:33

Mission 16 - Meet The Sandman

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