Mansion Shootout is the introduction mission in Scarface - The World Is Yours, it starts from the ending of the movie


The mission starts just like in the movie, however, in this mission, Tony turns his back and kills The Skull along with the rest of Sosa's army, Tony kills all of the goons inside the Mansion, he makes it to the living room along with one of his henchmen, however, his employer is brutally killed by another goon, he then makes it alone to the pool using the sewer of his mansion, some of his henchmen gets his limo and prepare it for Tony to escape, however, the police and DEA are arriving at this moment. When Tony tries to get to the car, one of Sosa's goons pulls out a Bazooka and intercepts Tony, blocking his way and forcing him to go around his mansion. He kills even more goons, then when he gets to the garden, The Tiger brutally kills one of Sosa's men and takes him off screen, possibly to eat all of his flesh, Tony still making it to survive the shootout, when he crosses the labyrinth, the police and DEA finally arrive and kill the rest of Sosa's men, Tony makes it to his car and escapes, heavily injured.


Reputation: -20,032,006
Exotics: -69
Turf: -100
Balls: -1,000,000
Drugs: -2,500,000
Total cash: -65,884,703


Introduction & Mission 1 - Mansion Shootout10:01

Introduction & Mission 1 - Mansion Shootout

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