The Mack MR  is a truck from the game Scarface:The World Is Yours that may appears in three possible variants, as a flatbed truck, a box truck or as a garbage truck.

Mack MR


2 (driver and passenger)
Vehicle Type
Appears in Traffic?


As said above, the Mack MR may spawns as a flatbed truck, a box truck or as a garbage truck. These trucks may spawn in Miami, around Little Havana and Industrial Zone. They spawn in The Islands.


The Mack MR is a heavy truck, like the Odin VH88 it has a tedious acceleration and mediocre top speed, however it is faster than the former. It's also one of the most powerful vehicles in the game, since it can ram smaller vehicles and even vans out of the road. The durability is also very good, probably above the Stampede in this aspect.


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