Rate of fire
Reload Speed
Ammo capacity
Upgrades available
"If you've got a gopher problem, this will fix it"

The real life M79 is a shoulder fire, single shot, break action grenade launcher first used by the US Army during the Vietnam War.

In Scarface: The World Is YoursEdit

In the videogame the M-79 can fire 3 grenades without having to reload. It becomes available midway though the game and is often used by gang leaders in nests, the player should beware, as a grenade can do massive damage, this weapon is very useful for taking enemies out of cover or for killing a group of enemies together, however, it can be easily replaced by the Little Friend's launcher. This is also the Enforcer's main weapon which he can use to quickly tear through groups of enemies. Tony can buy this weapon of an arms dealer for $2,800. It doesn't have any mods.

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