(Tony is seen driving with a GPV Offroad on his way to Sosa's compound)

Sosa: Gentleman (We see Sosa is allied with Gomez and Sheffield) I wish to discuss something that is an interest to all of us here. I have a problem, we have a problem.

Gomez: Just get to the point, Alex. Montana's been a fly on our shit since you sent your hit squad to Miami. Since then he's been on a goddamn mission to personally fuck us in the ass!

Sosa: Yes, and what I mind remind you is dat u haven't been anymore successfull than taking care of Montana than I have, Mr. Gomez.

Gomez: Hey! I never had a problem with him, since u started the pot, I hold you responsible Alex. And the only reason I'm here is to make sure that I get a deal outta this.

Sheff: That fuck! Why don't u stop bitterin' who fucked up worse, and put your money where your mouth is? Sosa, u have connections with the military here, give 'em some money and roll some tanks on the prick, c'mon!

Sosa: Do u believe our friends in Washington would approve of Bolivian tanks on the streets of Miami, George?

Sheff: Fuck Washington! I got them in my backpocket, a little green bags spread to the right hand for a day never hurt anypony.

Gomez: Jesus Christ, you fucking lawyers are all the same! Montana has declared a war on everybody in Miami, and his probably not going to stop until he steps into this goddamned living room!

(A loud boom is heard, Gomez, Sosa and Sheff are socked)

(Tony armed with only an pistol and AK makes his way past Sosa's guards, and after a while, George armed with a bazooka and severeal bodyguards attemp to kill Tony)

(Tony however kills all the henchmen and confronts scared George)

Sheff: (Dropping the bazooka) Tony baby, listen, you don't think so much, you gotta think a little more.

Tony: Fuck u, George! You fucking worm!

Sheff: Put the fucking gun away! What are? Crazy!? Are you on drugs? Well, yeah, I guess.

Tony: Prepear to fucking die!

Sheff: Fuck me in the ass.

(Tony shoots him in head with AK/snaps his neck and continues his quest for revenge and finds Gaspar)

Gomez: Holy shit, Montana, how the fuck did u get here?

Tony: How many babies have you eated today, Gaspar? Huh?

Gomez: Babies? Da fuck are you talking about? You still fucked up with your own supply? You fucking attic, u got no respect for this business!

Tony: All I care about is Sosa's head on a platter to serve to the fucking dawgs.

(Gaspar manages to kill Tony and is guarded by several henchmen, Tony kills 'em, corners and shoots Gomez in the guts)

Tony: It's over Gaspar! It's over for you now! (Gaspar tries to crawl away, but eventually dies) You hear?

Sosa: How is this going to work, Tony? How do we solve our problem?

Tony: You're going to die Alex, for everything you did in your entire life.

Sosa: Hahahaha, what about wat u did? I told you not to fuck me, and you did Tony.

Tony: There were kids in the fucking car, Alex! Innocent kids! Huh? Wat kinda animals you got working for you?!

Sosa: I want to clear something with you, Tony, before I kill you. When you move a 100 kilos a month, it is imparitive dat you do kill children. That way heroes don't go confused and go on "60 minutes, they instead crawl back into the hole they came from.

Tony: Hey Sosa, maybe it's time for you to make that crawl, huh?

(Tony can also talk to Sosa, if he has his guns holstered and if Sosa dosen't attack)

Tony: This is for everyone you ever fucked over, Sosa!

Sosa: You feel like being a hero today, Tony?

Tony: Your rule ends now Sosa, and ur gonna die!

Sosa: Where will you go on from now? You have no one left in your life, you can't live without anger, I'm the only thing keeping you alive Tony.

Tony: Have a nice trip, Sosa, you stupid fuck.

Sosa: Oh, you fucking little monkey! Money isn't everything, I even bet Manny is glad, he's dead.

(Tony gets his AK out and has an shootout with Sosa in his room, he eventually kills Sosa, and Sosa dies on the couch)

Tony: Have a nice trip, Sosa, u stuqid fuck!

(Tony is seen leaving the mansion)

Tony: You see? I told you there wasen't shortage of platters.

(Tony stops when he sees a guard beging for life)

Guard: Let me live, Tony, I need to support my family. It's all got!

Tony: Hey, look at me, I want to see your eyes. (Tony stares at him)

Guard: It's the truth! I swear, please!

Tony:... Wanna job, mang?

(We now see Montana relaxing in a hot tub with Venus and watching TV)

Tony: Oh look at this bullshit, who deserves to be on TV? Me! That's who, who should bee on every fucking magazine cover? ME! Fan mail? ME!

Venus: You got that right, baby.

(The guy brings drinks)

Guard: Vodka for Venus, gin for Tony.

Tony: Thanks, Manny, eh you don't mind if I call you Manny, do you?

Guard: Call me whatever you want, Tony.

Tony: Oh, ok stupid fuck, how you like dat? *Grins* Hah, just kidding money. You know... the World is Yours. And everything in it... So say goodnight to the bad guy!

(The credits roll)

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