Kill Sosa is the final storyline mission in Scarface - The World Is Yours.


Tony takes a Floatplane docked at La Normande and heads to Bolivia, where Alejandro SosaGaspar Gomez and George Sheffield are discussing worried about Tony's revenge. They hear an explosion in the mansion, and Tony then enters in the mansion and start killing Sosa's whole army. He starts with a Desert Eagle, but has the choice of getting the dropped AK-47s from the goons. After killing a bunch of goons, Tony reaches Sheffield, who drops his Bazooka and asks if Tony is on drugs; Tony threatens him and kills him, optionally with the AK-47, the Deagle of even with his fists. Tony takes Sheffield's Bazooka and breaks the main door; Gaspar spots Tony and gets scared, and Tony makes his way and kills more goons until he reaches a room and kills Gaspar. Tony goes to Sosa's living room, where he tells him that Sosa is the real animal, since he wanted to kill a man with his wife and two kids; Sosa responds that kids are not important when he loses 400 kilos of coke. Tony gets angry and the player has to unleash Tony's rage and shoot Sosa only in the head; Sosa will have a Desert Eagle and the player has to be careful not to get killed. Tony brutally kills Sosa with many shots and wishes him a "nice trip" to hell; Tony then walks back and away from the mansion. He finds Sosa's butler and threatens him while telling him to look at his eyes; the butler swears that he has a family and they're all he got. Tony spares him and asks if he wants a job (similarly to what he did to Ernie in the film). Tony is then found back in his Mansion in the Jacuzzi with Venus; Tony sees him on the TV and gets happy with this. The butler serves Vodka for Venus and Gin for Tony; Tony asks if he can call the butler as "Manny", then says that he can call him whatever he want to be called. Tony jokingly asks him if he can be called "stupid fuck"; Tony realizes that he now has everything he wanted to have.


"Fuck me in the ass"
―George Sheffield
"This is my law, George!"
―Tony after killing Sheffield
"It's over Gaspar! It's over for you now! You hear?"
―Tony killing Gaspar Gomez
"That way heroes don't get confused and go on "60 minutes". They instead crawl back into the hole they came from"
―Alejandro Sosa
"Have a nice trip Sosa, you stupid fuck!"
―Tony killing Sosa
"The world is yours chico, and everything in it. So say goodnight to the bad guy"
―Tony Montana


  • Reputation: +73,320
  • Balls: +9,165
  • Drugs: +50


  • It is unknown how Tony reached the mansion using a Seaplane, as Bolivia has no sea, however, Tony could have docked the plane in a river, as he is seen driving a GPV Offroad.
  • Even if Sosa is shot with the Bazooka using the Blind Rage, he will not die, he will die only if Tony is using the AK-47.


FINAL MISSION - Kill Sosa12:01


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