If you are looking for the soldier of the Bolivian Cartel, see here: Juan (Sosa henchman).
Background information
Appearances Scarface: The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Unknown
Character information
Gender Male
Occupation Montana henchman, gangster
Country of Origins
Flag of Cuba
Affiliation Tony Montana, Montana Cartel

"Coño, Tony, why-why you gotta be like this, mang?"
―Juan when Tony is angry for no reason

Juan is a minor character in the game Scarface: The World is Yours and seems to be Tony Montana's personal bodyguard.


Juan works as one of Montana's top bodyguards and appears to be from Cuba. Nothing else is known of his backstory.


Juan first appears in the game during the mission in which the player has to take over the Little Havana Storehouse from the Diaz Cartel. Juan appears again in the missions where the player has to take over the Marina Storehouse, Leopard Storage and Shoreline Storehouse. He is one of the rarest henchmen to spawn in the game, but is quite powerful. He can always be seen using a shotgun with Tony during front distribution missions. Juan can also be found patrolling and guarding Tony's Mansion along with a few other henchmen. Juan may usually be found smoking on a porch.


"Coño, Tony, you know I got your back, mang."
―Juan when Tony feels insecure
"Let me tell you something: You got a fucking problem with Tony, that means you got a fucking problem with me, understand, coño?"
―Juan when someone threatens Montana
"Me cago en tu madre! You fucking piece of shit!"
―Juan after crashing with a car
"Coño! Santa Maria!"
―Juan after crashing with a car
"You like this shit, huh? How you like it!?"
―Juan taunting enemies
―Juan after crashing with a car
"Being dead is all you pussies are good at!"
―Juan after killing an enemy


  • Juan's weapons of choice are the most powerful ones any member of Montana's empire has.
  • Juan might either spawn in a light blue shirt or in a dark blue shirt, he wears black trousers when in a light blue shirt, and brown trousers when in a dark blue shirt.

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