John Johnny Lovo was the crime boss of the South Side after his second-in-command, Tony Camonte, killed Big Louis Costillo. Lovo tells Tony that he is extremely grateful but tells him not to mess with the Irish Gangs though Tony and his friend, Rinaldo, start a war with the Irish Gangs. Lovo soon finds out this and also that Tony has been pursuing his girlfriend, Poppy. Lovo sends assassins to kill Tony though Tony survives. Tony and Rinaldo go to Lovo's mansion and trick him into revealing that he sent the assassins. Lovo prays for a second chance and even tells Tony that he can have Poppy though Tony leaves whistiling while giving Rinaldo the signal to kill Lovo.While Tony leaves,he hears the gunshots made by Rinaldo and at Lovo and then at that point, knows Lovo is dead.