Gomez Cartel Member
Background information
Appearances Scarface: The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Unknown
Character information
Gender Male
Occupation Gangster, killer
Country of Origins
Affiliation Gomez Cartel

"I ♥ this country, it's politicians makes us criminals look honest."-Member

Gomez Cartel Member is a minor enemy character in the game Scarface: The World Is Yours.


Nothing is known of this guy's background.


He can be found where other Gomez Cartel members are, and appears to be the leader, he can never be found in Cuba like other Gomez members.


"I could use a nap, you know."-Member to Tony

"Too many people are doing drugs these days, not that I'm complaining about it."-Member

"This is a great life"-Member during a mission

"It ain't just all about money, but what else is there?"-Member

"Ejecutar, jajaja!"-Member while chasing Tony

"A la mierda!"-Member while chasing Tony

"Aaaaaahhhh!!!"-Member while attacking Tony

"Aaahh, aaahhh, aaaahhhhh!!!"-Member while chasing Tony

"Flaming shitballs!"-When almost run over with a car


He is bald, has a fat face, wears either red shirt and black coat, yellow shirt and brown coat, or torquoise shirt and dark blue coat. He always wears black shoes. He is a little obese.

Personality and traitsEdit

This man was Gaspar Gomez's respective henchman. Rapistic and dangerous, this guy was one of the most maniacal Gaspar's soldiers (the other being Gomez Cartel Member 5), to the point that he didn't mind death, as long as he took his enemy or more speclificly, Montana with him. He also love to murder people with chainsaw.


  • He shares the same character model as Pablo's Associate.
  • His weapon of choice is Chainsaw.
  • Like most other members of Gaspar's gang, he loves to take drugs.
  • In one of his quotes he says he has a dog. And that he hates camels.
  • He says that camels look stupid with the humps.

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