Scarface Glitch

A glitch in Scarface - The World Is Yours is any behavior by the game engine and mechanics that is unexpected or was not intended by the developers.

There is a particular graphical glitch that happens in game, it renders the game unplayable. It happens with modern versions of Windows, like Windows 7, Windows 8(8.1) and Windows 10. There is a way to fix the game, not guaranteed to work for everyone but worth a try. WineD3D for Windows is useful to people trying to run old games on modern versions of Windows.

WineD3D main page:

Download WineD3D for Windows, specifically stable version 3.1 (Tested):

  • Open the downloaded zip file and copy d3d9.dll, libwine.dll and wined3d.dll to the game's installation folder, usually found at Program files/Radical Games/Scarface.

Of course patch version 1.00.2 must be installed to avoid another glitches that may happen, like disappearing Exotics the player placed in Tony's Mansion.