George Sheffield
George Sheffield
Background information
Appearances Scarface (1983 film)
Scarface - The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Michael Alldredge (movie)
James Woods (video game)
Character information
Status Alive (film)
Deceased (game)
Gender Male
Country of Origins Us-flag-icon USA
Affiliation MPD

George Sheffield was Tony Montana's corrupt lawyer who, in a deleted scene, shows Tony bribing Sheffield which explains how he became Tony's lawyer. In the movie, he's depicted as the greatest lawyer in Miami.

Scarface: The World is Yours Edit

3 months after Tony's mansion was raided by Sosa's men, Tony goes to the Babylon club to meet with Sheffield and ask him to become his lawyer again,Sheffield agrees only to a higher cost. Tony has no choice but to agree. Later, one of Sheffield's associates, Pablo, calls Tony and says that he has news of his ex-wife, Elvira, Tony then quickly goes to meet with them though they try to kill him, though he kills them. Tony then adds Sheffield to his hit-list. Sheffield then arrives at Sosa's mansion to meet with Gaspar Gomez and Sosa,who he betrayed Tony to, though after Tony arrives and starts shooting,he flees. Once Tony corners Sheffield, Sheffield plees for his life and accuses Tony of being on drugs which explains why he's being so crazy though only gets Tony even madder. Tony then shoots Sheffield in the head killing him (or breaks his neck if he doesn't use a weapon). He is a supporting protagonist of the film but was the tertiary antagonist of Scarface - The World Is Yours.


  • In the game, you can actually kill him using a melee attack, just disarm Tony and press R1, Tony will beat him up and kill him.

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