Fidel's Records
"I'm Tony Montana! You fuck with me, you fuckin' with the best!"
―Mission description
 Fidel's Records is a record store that Tony buys as a front. Tony learns from the store owner that the FBI will shut down the store if he doesn't destroy three mix-tapes with lyrics worshiping the devil. Tony gets the manager's car and finds the guy carrying the tapes, and in a car chase, he damages his car and beats him up until the tapes are off his possession, Tony starts stomping him, but he doesn't get weak or faint, Tony then stomps him again, he stomps the guy so hard that Tony even hurts his foot, meaning that Tony probably killed him. After obtaining and destroying the tapes, Tony returns to the store owner, and tell him he's destroyed them, he buys the store for $160,000.

Mission RewardEdit

  • Reputation: +10,181
  • Balls: +60
  • Total Cash: +60,000

Mission Walkthrough VideoEdit

Mission 12 - Fidel's Records and Tapes

Mission 12 - Fidel's Records and Tapes