Background information
Appearances Scarface: The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Michael Rooker
Character information
Gender Man
Occupation Enforcer
Country of Origins Us-flag-icon USA
Affiliation Montana Cartel, Tony Montana, Assassin

"Know the last thing you saw before my fist hit your brain? Me smiling."

The Enforcer is a playable character in the game Scarface - The World Is Yours. He is Tony Montana's personal security enforcer.


This guy is Montana's enforcer and can be hired for $30,000 in 'Exotics' menu after the third reputation level is reached.


When selected, the Enforcer appears as a playable character. He never interacts with Tony in face, but Tony's driver, cars and weapons stored in lockers are at his disposal.

Missions for the enforcer include killing and threatening rival gang members, and occasionally, creating chaos to draw attention from the police.

Upon successful completion of a mission, the enforcer will earn a random sum of cash (typically $40,000 - $100,000), and a fraction of Tony's gang heat will be deducted.

When no mission is active, Enforcer can choose to 'return to Tony', handling all money and drugs he earned over to his boss. Be warned, weapons he acquired from lockers or taken over from dead enemies will be lost, unless he store them back into the car trunk.


"Hey piss off! Wat I just say, I said "piss off"." -Enforcer

"You get the fuck outta here!" -Enforcer

"You fuck with Montana you fuck with me, now move on." -Enforcer


  • His default weapons are a shotgun and a M-79.
  • His icon when selecting him is a fist.
  • Same as Chauffeur and Assassin, the Enforcer has no balls meter.
  • He shares the same character model as Rocky T. at the Babylon Club. The differences are in clothing. While the Enforcer wears grey suit and a black tie, T. has black suit and a light blue tie.
  • He shares the same voice actor as two Ukraine guys.