El Ocho and Tony
El Ocho (The 8)
Background information
Appearances Scarface: The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Unknown
Character information
Gender Male
Occupation Wrestler
Country of Origins Mexican flag Mexico
Affiliation Trailer Park Rednecks

"Thights and buttocks!"
―El Ocho

El Ocho (The Eight) is a minor citizen character featured in Scarface - The World Is Yours.


El Ocho is a mentally ill Bloodsport wrestler who is so-called retarded and appears to be Mexican.


El Ocho can be found walking around Trailer Park during night and day, sometimes he can also be found in Little Havana bank or walking around the sidewalk in South Beach or North Beach. He can be talked by Tony, Tony is however very freaked out by him and tells him to leave. At night El Ocho always wears blue clothes instead of yellow. Sometimes also in the early morning. He can sometimes be found in Black Sands walking around the docks, however the player must get off from Trailer park to Black Sands with a helicopter in order to appear there, as the game will not fully progress yet the fact that player had leave the Trailer Park, the same goes with the Industrial Zone workers and North Beach citizens.

In conversation with TonyEdit

Tony: "Holy shit, what the fuck is wrong with you?"

Ocho: "I like candies."

Tony: "U some kinda fucking retard?"

Ocho: "Super crispy!"

Tony: "You making no sense to me, puto."

Ocho: "You got sugar, joe? (Note: If subtitles are on it will be spelled "joe" in the end of the word, but joe is cut of and the 8 dosen't say joe at end.)

Tony: "Get outta my face, you fucking maricon cocksucker!"

El Ocho: "Narg, narg, naarg!"

Other quotesEdit

"Barbecue you like doc?"-The Eight

"No nipple Joe!"-El Ocho when talking to a citizen

"Santos!"-Ocho when bumped into

"YUUUUMMMM!!!"-Ocho when bumped into

"Super crispy, fat and juicy!"-Ocho when he respects Montana

"Perfect juicy."-Ocho

"Nargh, nargh, naargh!!! Want candy, Joe?"-Ocho offering Tony some candy


  • El Ocho means "The eight" in Spanish.
  • He respects Tony after the player gets to Reputation level 3, however he sounds even weirder than he is. He also offers Montana some candy.
  • He and Octavio are the only characters in the game to have masks.
  • El Ocho appears to suffer from mental retardation and gigantism (as he is the tallest character in the game actually), and the things he speaks make no sense at all, except that he might be a candy addict. He, along with Sosa Troop 2 are the only characters in the game to suffer from mental illness, but while Sosa Troop is schizophrenic, he is still capable to shoot with a weapon and speak normal and seems to only be crazy due to the drugs and was not born with a mental disease. El Ocho also appears to have diabetes.
  • He along with Alejandro are only two citizen characters that have misspelled subtitles.

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