[[Image:Delmont full|300px]]
Background information
Appearances Scarface: The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Unknown
Character information
Gender Male
Occupation Unknown, nothing presumably
Country of Origins Redneck flag Southern America
Affiliation Trailer Park Rednecks

"Eyy, Tony! You gon' buy a friend a drink or what?"
―Delmont to Montana, he actually expects for a druglord like Montana to buy him drinks

Delmont is a minor citizen character featured in Scarface: The World Is Yours.


Not much is known of Delmont's background, except that he is a Southern American and inbreed.


Delmont can be found walking around the Trailer Park during the night and day. He can talk with Tony Montana, Tony may ask Delmont why he has such a big head, or why he and his family are into incesting. Delmont gets quite angry with Tony's attitude, and tells him he is lucky that his back is hurting, or else he would beat his ass. Sometimes, but rarely, the player might encounter Delmont walking around the streets of South Beach, or driving around South Beach a car, presumably a Station Wagon or a Shag Van, two of the most redneck-looking vehicles in the game.


"Tony fahing Montana! SHIET!"
―Delmont when he sees Montana with a high rep level


  • Delmont might appear wearing a red shirt and pink trousers, a blue shirt and grey trousers, or a green shirt with also pink trousers.
  • Delmont has more whiter skin than almost all the characters in the game.
    • He also has some sorts of bigger head than most of the characters, minus Octavio the Clown who has the biggest head in the entire game.

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