Deliver is the 27th storyline mission in Scarface - The World Is Yours, it is unlocked as soon as the mission Un-Load is completed.


Three trucks are loaded with coke and ready to be delivered, Tony talks to the mechanic from the chop chop, the mechanic says that Nacho's gang is out of the streets, but Diaz and Gomez' gangs are trying to expand their business for this reason, but Tony is not afraid of them and says that they may come at any time and he is not worried about this, Tony leads the way, Dominick acts as a decoy and Maribel will deliver the coke to Havana Storehouse, Tony delivers the first truck to Marina Storehouse, after delivering it, Dominick calls Tony and says one of the trucks is in trouble, caused by Gaspar's gang, Tony then goes to Maribel's truck and helps her to kill the Gaspar's goons, after saving her, Tony gets in the truck and gets her to the Havana storehouse, Marible thanks Tony for getting her freedom.


  • Reputation: +205,310
  • Balls: +885


Mission 27 - Deliver05:19

Mission 27 - Deliver

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