The Cube Van and Ambulance are both an emergency vehicle and a commercial vehicle in Scarface:The World Is Yours

Ambulance/Cube Van


Driver and Passenger
Vehicle Type
Emergency Vehicle (Ambulance)
Commercial Vehicle (Cube Van)
Appears in Traffic?


Both Ambulance and the Cube Van are based on a Chevrolet C-30. The ambulance looks compact, in the picture you can see that Tony is in a tiny space inside it, it's much smaller than an actual ambulance.


The Ambulance and the Cube Van performs very well for a van, but it's not faster than the Shag Van, it has a top speed comparable to the Mojave, the performance is impressive, but its handling is poor, this van is surprisingly light and as a result, it's not durable at all, this vehicle is likely a novelty vehicle.


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