Background information
Appearances Scarface: The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Unknown
Character information
Gender Female
Occupation Beach girl, teen, Bloodsport fighter
Country of Origins Us-flag-icon USA
Affiliation None

"Hey, Mr. Montana you're nicer than all these horny beach dudes."
―Corona to Tony

Corona is a minor citizen character in the game Scarface - The World Is Yours.


Corona is an teen girl who is like Young Sally, a Bloodsport fighter dispite her age.


Corona can bee found almost anywhere in South Beach and North Beach, she is really found in Downtown and can never be found in Little Havana. She also can sometimes be found on The Islands. She can sometimes be found shiting in Coconut Grove bar bathrooms. Also she can usally be found smoking with hippies in one of Sun Ray Hotel's room.

In conversation with TonyEdit

Tony: "Hey baby, wanna eat some ice cream?"

Corona: "Do I look like I wanna eat fucking ice cream?"

Tony: "C'mon what's the mater with you? All the girls like ice cream, you look like a girl to me, man."

Corona: "I'm a woman, I don't put shit in my body."

Tony: "Sounds like a lot of shit comes outta your body, lady."

Corona: "What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!"


  • She can sometimes also bee one of the kids, Tony Montana will have to beat up in one of Sandman's leads.
  • She is also the victim that swims away from a shark at the end of the South Beach port.


She has black hair, a lipstick on her mouth, and has either blue, white or red bra and pants. She is very skinny.

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