Nacho drug dealer
Contreras Drug Dealer
Background information
Appearances Scarface: The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Unknown
Character information
Gender Male
Occupation Drug dealer, junkie
Country of Origins Mexican flag Mexico
Affiliation Contreras Cartel

"Snow, money, snow, snow..."
―The Dealer when appoarched by Tony

Contreras Drug Dealer is a minor character in the game Scarface: The World Is Yours and is the drug dealer for Nacho's men.


A drug dealer in Contreras' Cartel.


The Drug Dealer appears all around Miami, usally where the Contreras Cartel hangs around and the player can sell him drugs for cash. He, like all the other dealers, will run away if police is nearby or if Tony attacks a fellow gang member, dealer will try to defend himself when he is attacked, however. He also can be talked to after the deal, he and Tony discuss as how long the Drug Dealer has been selling drugs.


"Shut ya' trap, man!"-When attacked by Tony

"I'll kill you!"-When shot by Tony

"This shit be whiter than you, man."-To Tony

"Hello, Mr. Montana."-To Tony when he has high reputation level


  • He can either appear with black jacket or red jacket, and on Xbox he dosen't wear glasses, while on PS2 he does.
  • His weapon of choice is a chainsaw. Making him a very dangerous enemy.

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