Nacho's Henchmen
The last one in the top right
Contreras Cartel Member
Background information
Appearances Scarface: The World Is Yours
Portrayed by Unknown
Character information
Gender Male
Occupation Gangster
Country of Origins USA flag Probably America, but appears to be of African descent
Affiliation Contreras Cartel

"Who do you think you're talking to???"
―Member to Tony

Contreras Cartel Member 4 is a minor enemy character in the game Scarface - The World Is Yours and is one of Nacho's toughest henchmen, along with Contreras Cartel Member 5.


Not much is known about him, other than that he is a Contreras gang member.


He appears quite a lot during missions against Contreras. He can be found in Downtown during Felix leads missions. He also can be talked to if the player has a low gang heat, he is also the most obese member. He can be find in the construction zone in Downtown when the player has low gang heat, he can always be seen sitting in a blue or white Jeep with a Mexican member of the cartel driving it. The player can stole the latter's Jeep if stopped, but he will not attack player at all, and neither will his partner. In fact, his partner will stay in car even when Tony is driving. Mexican Member will just stand still, and that is basically the player's only chance to drive around an enemy gang member. He only appears there when the player has not unlocked Downtown turf yet. The member also appears as a common enemy during Marina Storehouse mission and Nacho Contreras mission, he will usually attack with an AK-47.


"Fucking clown cocksucka, I got your bitch!"-Member during shoot-out

"You're dead! Do you hear me??! YOU'RE DEAD!"-Member when attack by Tony

"You're fucked! Do u hear me?!!! YOU'RE FUCKED!"-Tony's usual reply back during Rage mode

"You know it."-Member during a conversation

"You're mama know you here?"-Member during a conversation


  • He can either wear dark blue almost purple like or light blue coloured shirt.
  • He usually has AK-47 or a .45 Automatic as a weapon.
  • He is the only member of the Contreras cartel to be African-American.
  • He shares the same quotes and voice actor as the Bloodsport wrestler, Johnny. In fact, Contreras Cartel Member 1 will even mention Johnny during conversations (Example: "I don't think Johnny's gonna make the championship. They got his jaw so tight up he has to eat pussy through a straw.").

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