"Who do I trust? Me!"
―Mission description.
 Contra Band is an optional mission in the island of Devil's Cay.


Cornelius needs you to take a specially modified sports fishing boat to Black Sands, pick up a weapons shipment, and then return to him here at Devil's Cay. He fears there is an informer in Black Sands. Expect pirates.

The player will receive this message and then they will be ordered to board a Sports Fishing Boat and take it to Black Sands, the player has to be careful, as many pirate boats and armored boats will spawn over the course. When the player reaches the port of Black Sands, The Dock Boss and a smuggler will load the boat and Tony will talk to the boss, while Tony and the boss are conversating, the smuggler manages to steal the boat, Tony looks back and swears at the smuggler, the player will have to order any exotic boat, it's recommended not to order an attack boat, since the player is ordered to follow and not destroy the boat, if the player order an attack boat, Tony's henchmen will attack the boat, failing the mission objective. The smuggler will soon beach the boat on a place where three technicals are parked, the player is then tasked to kill all the pirates, after killing all of them, Tony recovers the boat and goes back to Devil's Cay. For Tony's surprise, an army Frigate arrives at the island, Tony will have to beach the boat away from the Frigate and then use at least two rockets from either a Bazooka or a Missile Launcher to sink it, after the Frigate is sunk, Tony delivers the boat with the supplies.

After completing the mission, the player can replay it as many times as they want.


  • Reputation: +80,815
  • Balls: +1,163


Optional mission - Contra Band07:36

Optional mission - Contra Band


  • After the mission is completed, the Frigate enemy icon will still appear in the map and will only disappear when Tony leaves The Islands.

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