"I carve him up real good"
―Mission description
 Coco's Lounge and Disco is the final front in the game and it's located in North Beach.


Tony talks to the manager, saying that Coco says that she wants to sell the place, the manager said that if her daughter hadn't got involved with the Gaspar gang, selling the place wouldn't be a major problem. The manager was forced to pay protection money to Gaspar Gomez, and since she couldn't do so anymore, Gaspar sends his men to force her out. After taking out two thugs who are already in the club, Tony then goes outside to protect the club from all incoming attackers from the roof. He takes a Sniper Rifle to kill the first sniper, then guns down the thugs heading to the club before killing another sniper, takes out another wave of thugs, kills another sniper, then a Helicopter shows up, with Tony having the option of destroying the helicopter with a Missile Launcher. Once the helicopter is destroyed, the final sniper shows up in the top of a building. Tony will then kill the last set of goons. Once all the threats have been eliminated, the manager agrees to sell the club for $13,000,000.

Mission Walkthrough videoEdit

Mission 32 - Coco's Lounge and Disco

Mission 32 - Coco's Lounge and Disco