"I carve him up real good"
―Mission description
 Coco's Lounge and Disco is the final front in the game and it's located in North Beach.


Tony talks to the manager, saying that Coco said that she wants to sell the place, the manager said that her daughter got involved with the Gaspar gang and she needs them out of the club, Tony then go protect the club from them all, he heads to the roof and takes a Sniper Rifle to kill the first sniper, he comes back to protect the club and then he comes back to kill another sniper, he protects the club again and kill another sniper, but a Helicopter shows up, Tony has the option of destroying the helicopter with a Missile Launcher, after the helicopter is destroyed, another sniper shows up in the top of a building, this one can be killed using the missile launcher, Tony will then kill the last set of goons, the manager then agrees to sell the club for $13,000,000

Mission Walkthrough videoEdit

Mission 32 - Coco's Lounge and Disco05:13

Mission 32 - Coco's Lounge and Disco

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