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Cocaine (Methylbenzoylecgonine) is a crystalline tropane alkaloid that is obtained from the leaves of the coca plant. It is a very addictive drug and is used frequently by Tony Montana, who also sells the drug to make a profit.

Tony & CokeEdit

Cocaine is the main financial object in the movie and the game. Tony not only buys cocaine, but also makes a profit by dealing it. Eventually, Tony and Elriva both become addicted, which destroys their marriage. After learning that Manny and Gina have become married, Tony murders Manny in a cocaine-fueled rage.

Mention in 'The Rules' Edit

Rule number 2 in the cocaine business; Don't get high on your own supply. This is said in the movie, and means that a dealer shouldn't use his/her own stash for personal use.

Cocaine namesEdit

Other names for Cocaine are:

  • Methylbenzoylecgonine
  • Coke
  • Yeyo
  • Blow
  • Snow
  • White
  • Devils Dandruff

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